Easter: Godless liberals’ latest target

On March 16, 2013, I posted a syndicated column on my blog (Mychal-Massie.com) that originally appeared in print March 9, 2004, as a “From My Vault” piece. The column was titled “Is Easter next?”

The piece begins: “A question that begs answering – now that the legions of darkness have reduced Christmas to a secular holiday – how long is it before Easter suffers the same fate?”

We have our answer, and the answer to my question is – “Now.” Cities, schools and municipalities across the nation are banning the word “Easter” in association with egg hunts. I’m guessing that some secular humanist, anti-God, liberal progressive will demand “Easter” be removed in association with the bunny as well before long.

In my 2004 syndicated piece referenced above, I wrote: “My [late] grandmother used to say, ‘People only hate the truth for two reasons – because it’s true, or they think it’s true.’” To which I add, such is the way of liberal progressives.…more


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