Will Millennials Become Generation X-treme?

Polarization may have legs. A Harvard study suggests that young Americans are becoming more divided politically, giving rise to a chilling thought: The so-called millennials could become “Generation X-treme.”

“Young adults seem to have the same view about politics as the rest of us,” said Esten Perez, communications director for the Institute of Politics at Harvard. “And that’s scary.”

The generation of adults between ages 18 and 29 is often considered by political observers and pop-sociologists to be a source of hope–measurably more tolerant, diverse, global-minded and adaptable than their parents and grandparents. And yet, millennials might be no less divided….more

The institute released an update this week to its 13-year-old study of young adults. It is packed with clues about the nation’s future, including the potential durability of polarization.


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