Control of Money, Is Power

Banking is the greatest scam ever perpetrated, and it is arguably the most successful criminal cartel in recorded history. The financial industry appears invulnerable to prosecution regardless of their crimes committed. They have been caught laundering money for Mexican drug cartels, targeting people with predatory loans, colluding with other banks to manipulate interest rates, and gambling recklessly, consistently, and endlessly. These very violent crimes against humanity have escaped prosecution, perhaps because they are too difficult to explain, or perhaps because those who can print money tend to have enough money on hand to bribe their way to a favorable outcome. Despite the overt criminality that is oddly “untouchable”, I want to talk about the inherent dangers in the monetary system. The problems we have not only involve the crime listed above, but also built-in manipulation that really sounds ridiculous when researched. The inherent dangers were why the founding fathers warned against banks without having to predict the other future crimes that would be committed….more


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