This is how desperate governments steal your money

Joseph Stalin once said “I trust no one, not even myself.”

Such is life in Argentina these days, where anyone and everyone is under the microscope to pay for President Christina Kirchner’s madness and economic totalitarianism. She’s made it illegal to spend money outside the country. Forced Argentines to hold rapidly deteriorating pesos. Imposed price controls and banned grocery coupons. Shut down dissent in the media.  As Buenos Aires expat Jerry Nelson told me recently, the place is falling apart. That’s no surprise to anyone who has paid attention over the dozen years since the last “Corralito” where Argentina took quick steps to bankrupt most of their people.  No doubt, Cristina is one of the most anti-market forces in the world. She’s squandered vast amounts of Argentina’s natural wealth pushing to turn it into a socialist gulag. But like every desperate government, there are a series of steps to be played out in times like this. One of those steps is to scapegoat everyone you can to hold onto power as long as possible….more


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