The Scandal of CINOs Biden and Pelosi

Biden Pelosi 1By now, all those who are pretty tired of the Papal Conclave, election and INSTALLATION (not inauguration) of Catholicism’s most recent successor of St. Peter – that would be non-Catholics, for the most part – have picked up that two of the more disgraceful examples of American Catholicism, Vice President Joe Biden and Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, both presented themselves to receive Eucharist in the Communion Procession at the Installation Mass of Pope Francis.

This has caused great consternation.  Why, so many people Catholic and not wonder, have this pair not been excommunicated*??????  (By their actions, they more or less have been.  No bull was necessary, but few seem to get that.)

Regardless of the answer to that question – why, as those of us who are reasonably well versed in the actual tenets of the faith may ask, knowing that they are in a state of apostasy and willfully guilty of grave immorality, did they present themselves for Eucharist when taking Communion while in a state of mortal sin is a sin in and of itself?  One sin compounds the other.  In other words, WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THIS!

For people not raised Catholic or those who have fallen away due to this sort of thing, it’s a little mind-numbing.  But for those of us who live and breathe the faith, it’s downright maddening.

How can someone claim to be Catholic and then flaunt basic Church teaching as if something has changed in the last 2,000 years?

How can they profess the deposit of faith and then cause scandal by presenting themselves for Eucharist as if it was just a casual thing?  That is not a matter of membership, but personal conscience.  None of us are supposed to do that in a state of sin.  None of us.

THAT is the real scandal.  Biden and Pelosi, and many others who claim membership to Catholicism as if it were a fraternal organization, are Catholic In Name Only (CINO).  There may be outrage that none have been publicly called out by their own bishops for their actions in government (except Kathleen Sebelius, who, rumor has it actually has been formally warned, but that is not confirmed and is a matter between her and her bishop), but THEIR responsibility is to not cause scandal by presenting themselves for the Sacraments when they are unrepentant.

In being obstinate on this point, CINOs make a mockery of the faith.  (So does Nancy Pelosi wearing a mantilla as if there is anything modest about her.)

And in sending this particular delegation to Vatican City for the Installation, the current regime squatting in the White House demonstrates its opinion of the Church, as if we didn’t already know it.

*Excommunication is not a “throwing out” or revoking of membership, but a pastoraly corrective measure used to bring heretical people back into the fold.  In order to have an excommunication lifted, one has to meet with his or her bishop and go to confession.  That’s all.  In centuries past, excommunication was used as a political club to make an example out of enemies.  The hierarchy does not want a repeat of that, so excommunication is actually used very sparingly now, but it does still happen….more


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