Look Out!!

The Market Trap Is Being Set – With China, EU, UK, Japan etc.  In full collapse Mode, Major Bank Failures soon followed by Bail – Ins And Extreme Money Printing.  The whole world is turning Japanese!

It looks like the collapse is at our doorstep knocking. With China, EU, UK, Japan etc. in full collapse mode. I am expecting to see major bank failures soon followed by bail-ins and extreme money printing later this year.

Think of this as 1996+/- in Japan. Seven years in after the Nikkei went kaput. The Japanese Central Bank apparatchik probably though the same. Not, and deflation still kicking their behind 17 yrs later.

Moral of the story is – If you save the Bankster you impoverish a sizeable percentage of the present population and you kneecap economic growth for the next generation.more


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