God has a Special Role for you in His Plan, No matter where you have been and No matter What Do

adapted from Life Missions, Family Healing, by Michael Brown]

Intriguing is the notion that each one of us has a special cause in the greatest depths of spirituality.  It is a very deep secret.  Your family has been sent here for a specific reason that is consciously unknown to you (at least as far as the details) and it is important for you to fulfill your part of that assignment. 
Before getting to our families – and the healing necessary to complete family sanctity – let’s stay on the topic of mission. Life is like foreign land – a wilderness – and we have to cross deserts, scale cliffs, endure lack of jesusnourishment, seek shelter, rediscover paths, decide which turns to take (and which are dangerous), ford rivers (that may have rapids), cut through “brush,” survive heat and cold, navigate mountains and ravines. You are an explorer on a strange planet that one day you will see was not your real home but a place for learning and accomplishment, growth, and sanctification. It all comes down to keeping our eyes on the Light and bringing our loved ones along...more

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